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      Welcome and thanks for viewing my website. There is lots going on this year. We are building things that we also want to sell to other people. Things made out of bricks, not just earthblocks. Things like brick ovens, and fences. My parimeter fence is about 800 feet long, so it's no small undertaking. There are 38 pilasters in all, each one 21"x 21" x 6'. All are made of adobe with mud mortar and a steel reinforced concrete core. They are placed 16' apart, circling the entire property. In between the pilasters will be 2 8' x 6' wooden fence sections. I'm hoping to finish within 2 months. 

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     Below you can see the beginings of the brick oven. It is all adobe on the outside. It will have full sized fire bricks for the hearth and red Castaic bricks for the walls and ceiling. the inside dementions are 3' x 4' x 22'. this oven will be wood fired only. I should be able to bake 12 to 15 pounds of bread at one time. The opening of the oven will be extra wide, enough to fit a 16" pizza, and extra tall, enough to fit a big turkey (12 " to 14"). I have been wanting to build this oven for 5 or more years. This is the begining of my outdoor kitchen, which will include the brick oven, a three stage smoker, 

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a BBQ grill, and 2 burners. All built with adobe on the outside and red Castaic brick in the fire areas and lining the smoke areas. After everything is finished, I'm thinking of plastering it all with white plaster. I like the adobe so I'm not sure, but I've seen some awful nice ovens on the internet, done in white plaster. Add some nice granite counter tops and a couple of sinks and I think I'll be happy.  I'm going to pour a cement patio, maybe 8' wide, along the back side of the house. I think I want the entire patio covered with a metal awning.   
We are in construction mode now. We started last year by making 1500 adobe blocks. With those we are building pilasters for the parimeter fence and a brick oven.


We also built a small redwood deck off the back door. I want to pour a patio this year, after the fence is finished.

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